Contemporary pool designs and landscaping

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Contemporary pool designs and landscaping near you

Subtitle: Contemporary Pool Designs and Landscaping

Once in a while you come across a design that's unlike anything you've ever seen. Here at BGA Pools, we call this pool design “contemporary”. It's a form of contemporary design that incorporates many of the design principles seen in modern art and architecture. Whether you want a sleek, industrial look or something more subtle, we can help you with that, too. This contemporary pool design is an example of “chic”. It's simple, but stylish at the same time.

Forget about all that loud, bright, neon that passes for garden decor in the surrounding neighborhoods. A contemporary pool design makes your space feel modern, urban and contemporary, yet elegant. Here are several examples of contemporary landscaping, from new pool designs and wall fixtures to modern decks and outdoor areas.

Recently, a significant change in the contemporary landscaping trend in lawns and ponds started happening. Swimming pool designers and landscapers began creating lower-priced pools that use sleek shapes and lots of beautiful metal to create a naturalistic effect. The color spectrum for the above-ground sections of the pool is much more limited than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Instead, it's color of the decking that plays a big part in the look and feel of the outdoor living space.

Surface Texture

Contemporary pool designs are often achieved by applying unique textures on the swimming pool floor, the walls, the deck and other elements. It's a way to create a more unique look than simply laying down a concrete slab. Some of these textures can even be found in the pool's liner. Surfaces can be a rough, uneven texture. As the name implies, this is often done with a rough concrete or stone look. Another great way to achieve a raw and unfinished look is by using large squares of sandstone. Think of the largest ones you can find, then figure out what the squares look like. Next, use a spray nozzle to shoot small bubbles of water on the stone. This will leave tiny little ripples and grooves. An alternative way to achieve a rough texture is to use sand to create a rough surface. Simply buy a box of “red beach” sand and take a look at the size and shape of the chips you need. Take a strong hand shovel and dig out small pockets and niches. A product called “Denali Stone” is a great way to achieve a very naturalistic look for the pool floor.

Tile on Floor

Tile flooring is by far the most popular contemporary pool design. If your budget allows, this can be a great choice. A fairly inexpensive way to have a custom tile surface is to contact a contractor or someone who sells their own tile. They often have samples they can show you. You can simply buy the tile and have it installed by a professional.

Another popular choice is using “bagged” tile. This is often inexpensive to buy and install. Bagged tile comes in different shapes and sizes. Ask a contractor or pool maintenance guy about the best shape and size for your space. Here at BGA Pools, we have the option to have you select the tile type and style. In some cases, it's worth paying extra for this to get a design or texture that's unique to your home.

Contemporary pools designs and landscaping near you

Other surfaces can include textured vinyl, stamped plastic, wood, stone, metal, faux stone, and acrylic. The choices are almost endless. Contact a local pool contractor for assistance. Some contemporary pool designs feature a combination of various surfaces. For example, you could have a concrete pool floor with vinyl edges and vinyl benches on the sides. You could also have a glass-topped pool with a vinyl surround.


Contemporary pool designs and landscaping near you

We see less and less polished concrete or faux stone on the sides of contemporary pool designs. Instead, homeowners are opting for something a little more elegant. Think polished aluminum, stone, brick or wood. Whatever your choices, they must be professional and exact to create a uniform and polished look. For this reason, it's often recommended to buy the wall panels as opposed to installing the materials yourself. Many manufacturers offer installation as a service.


Contemporary pool designs and landscaping near you

Decks are another element of contemporary pool design that can be very creative. They must be an easy-to-install design that complements the layout of the pool. They should also be attractive and add some character to the overall design. There are a number of different surfaces and styles that you can choose from when designing a contemporary deck. Let's look at some of them.

Neutral Decking – Neutral decking consists of concrete, stone or a similar texture. They are great for anyone who wants to create a modern,


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